Hybrid Sphere CNC Lathe SBL-100T

  • Inner Ball Joint
  • Outer Ball Joint
  • Tie Rod


  • The SBL series is the ideal solution for making the components of steering system such as Ball pin and Tie Rod for inner ball joint and outer ball joint, medical implements such as femoral head for hip joint , Piston head for piston pumps and etc...
  • The SBL series is designed for the ball head machining, which is the best solution for high quality sphere roundness and surface roughness.
  • The SBL series includes rough turning, fine turning, carbide roller burnishing, part pulling, and cut-off process.
  • Burnishing process is an ideal way to enhance the surface hardness, extend the life-time and enlarge the allowance of abrasion.
  • About diversity of control axis, SBL series use B axis to do ball head machining and burnishing. B axis process the circular movement, so that the roundness can be achieved up to ±0.005mm. On the other hand, for traditional CNC lathe, the sphere machining is controlled by X and Y axis simultaneously, which eventually leads to oval shape.
  • Except standard advantage of CNC controller system, SBL series uses sliding heading spindle design and square guide way on Z axis movement, which ensure the accuracy and stability.
  • The SBL series can equip with hydraulic turret (6-position) and power turret (8-position) to achieve multiple application.

Ball Joint Machining

Spindle Feature

  • Spindle motor equip BiI8/10000 (7.5kw), which hold heavy loading and stability while doing the burnishing process.
  • High-rigidity spindle and high-speed bearing support spindle speed up to 6000 rpm with high stability.
  • While machining special angle or using special tool, break plate support accurate position of spindle.
  • Belt type driver ensures powerful loading, steady performance and low cost of maintenance.

Ball Joint Machining

Ball Joint Machining


  • Worm gear : Special high-tensile aluminum-brass equal in strength to a steel alloy.
  • Worm shaft : Hardened alloy steel

High Rotation Torque

The combination of brass and alloy steel offers less friction. Motor torque is transferred efficiently. High class materisl worm system guarantees high torque transmission.

Large Worm Gear

The worm gear with a large pitch diameter creates a large engagement area and less pressure on the contact surface, resulting in resistance against wear.

Ball Joint Machining

Model Unit SBL-100T SBL-180T SBL-250T
Swing over bed mm Ø350 Ø500 Ø520
Max. turning diameter (ball head) mm Ø100 Ø180 Ø250
Max. turning diameter (ball valve) inch Ø1/2"~2-1/2" Ø2"~4.5" Ø3"~6"
Spindle nose type ASA A2-4 A2-5 A2-6
Spindle chuck type   5C Collet Chuck
16C Collet Chuck(Opt.)
5" 3-Jaw Chuck (Opt.)
16C Collet Chuck
6" 3 Jaw Chuck (Opt.)
16C Collet Chuck
8" 3 Jaw Chuck (Opt.)
Spindle bore mm Ø45 Ø56 Ø62
Spindle speed rpm 4000 (Std.)
6000 (Opt. )
3000 (Std.)
4500 (Opt. )
2000 (Std.)
4000 (Opt. )
Spindle power kw 5.5kw (Std.)
7.5kw (Opt. )
7.5kw (Std.)
10kw (Opt. )
11kw (Std.)
X-axis motor power kw 1.2 1.2 1.8
Z-axis motor power kw 1.8 2.5 2.5
B-axis motor power kw 3 3 3
X-axis travel mm 90 90 90
Z-axis travel mm 90 90 90
B-axis travel degree -60° / +95° -60° / +95° -60° / +95°
Z-axis rapid traverse rate mm/min 15000 15000 15000
X-axis rapid traverse rate mm/min 15000 15000 15000
B-axis rapid traverse rate mm/min 6000 6000 6000
Number of tool station T 6 (Hydraulic turret) 6 (Hydraulic turret) 6 (Hydraulic turret)
Tool size mm 20x20 20x20 20x20
Machine dimensions (LxWxH) m 2.5x1.9x1.8 2.8x2.2x1.9 3.1x2.3x1.9
Voltage   220V/60HZ/3P 220V/60HZ/3P 220V/60HZ/3P
Power requirement kva 20 25 28
Weight kg 3000 3300 3800

Standard Accessories

● Collet chuck
● Hydraulic cylinder
● Hydraulic turret 6 position
● Power unit
● Pneumatic system unit
● Full guard
● Machine base
● Heat exchanger
● Automatic lubrication system
● Three color warning light
● Working lamp
● Coolant system
● Tool and tool box
● Wedge block
● Leveling bolts and blocks
● Operation manual
● Machine voltage: 220VAC / 60HZ / 3 phase

Optional Accessories

● Spindle motor upgrade
● Spindle speed upgrade
● X axis extend to 150 mm
● Z axis extend to 150 mm (for long part)
● Upgrade to hydraulic servo turret (8T)
● Upgrade to servo power turret (8T) with C axis
● C axis air breaking system
● 16C collet chuck and collet (work piece diameter less than Ø40 mm)
● Extention nose collet type chuck and collet (ball valve) with orientation pin
● 3 jaw chuck
● Chuck air blow
● Burnish diamond tool holder and tool
● Burnish diamond tool
● Chip conveyor and cart
● Transformer
● Voltage Stabilizer
● CE mark