High Speed Milling Machine HM65T

  • Double Column Machining Center


      HM-65T Double Column Design

  • With excellent thermal balance with a rigid case base construction  
  • double-column design to secure high levels of machining accuracy and heavy loading with long-life durability and machining stability.

  • Mold making

  • Machining of graphite electrode with ¢6mm end mill and R2 mill cutter.
  • Machining Time: 320min


  • Size: 65x70 (mm)
  • Machining Time: 72 min  

      Build-in high speed spindle


  • PMSM-Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor(Opt.)
  • PMSM: smaller size, low rpm and high torque, lower thermal emission for less thermal inaccuracy, high and stable cutting accuracy, rapid forward and reverse switch, suitable for more accurate surface workpieces.

Model Units HM65T
Spindle speed (max.) RPM 3000-30000
Spindle taper   HSK E40
Spindle motor (S1/S6) KW 10/13
Woking table size mm 540x650
T-slot mm 16x5x100
Max. load of table kg 300
Travel (XxYxZ) mm 500x600x300
Dist. from table surface to spindle nose mm 150-450
Work feed M/min 10
Rapid traverse (X,Y,Z) M/min 30,30,20
X.Y.Z. axis servo motor   AC servo motor
Total power consumption (max.) KAV 24
Net weight kg 4300

*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Standard Accessories

● Work Lamp
● Tool Kit 
● Coolant Equipment
● Spindle Air Blast (for ATC) 
● Manual Pulse Generator (MPG) Hand Wheel 
● Spindle Central Lubrication System (for ATC) 
● Cutting Air Blast 
● Working Alarm Indicator 
● Heat Exchanger for Electrical Cabinet
● Automatic Tool Length Measurement

Optional Accessories

● Tool Shank
● Collect
● Pneumatic Freezing Dryer (ATC)
● 4th Axis Rotary Table
● Ethernet Card
● X,Y,Z 3-axis Linear Scale
● Precision Optical Scale

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