CNC Lathe SS-42ABY

  • cnc swiss lathe

  • Application: swiss type lathe, swiss type lathes, cnc swiss lathe, swiss turning machines, medical implant.Max. Turning Diameter 42mm.
  • Both guide bush / Non guide bush are available for making complicated components.
  • With hydraulic chuck system on main spindle, it accepted poor tolerance bar to save the material cost.
  • Deep hole drilling on sub spindle side with central cooling system. It has both fixed and rotary type.
  • The tooling system has two Y axis and Cs axis. Totally there are 37 tool holders and 19 of them are living tool.
  • Cross and face drilling function are available on main and sub spindle.
  • Built-in spindle with oil cooling system offers high efficiency, low noise and high accuracy environment.

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Model Unit SS - 42ABY
Max. turning dia. of main spindle mm 42
Max. turning dia. of sub spindle mm 42
Max. turning length mm Rotary guide bush: 200, Non guide bush: 125
Max. drilling capacity of main spindle mm 30
Max. drilling capacity of sub-spindle mm 30
Max. tapping capacity of main spindle mm M16
Max. tapping capacity of sub-spindle mm M16
Max. cross drilling capacity mm 13
Max. cross tapping capacity mm M10
No. of external turning tools pcs 6
No. of internal turning tools pcs 5
No. of cross drillings pcs 4(5)
No. of external turning tools of sub-spindle pcs 4
No. of internal turning tools of sub-spindle pcs 3
No. of cross drillings of sub-spindle pcs 4
No. of face tool holder of sub-spindle pcs 4
Tool size mm 20 x 20 x 95~155
No. of axis controls pcs C1/(C2)/X1/Y1/Z1/X2/Y2/Z2
Main spindle bore mm 58
Max. speed of main spindle  rpm 15 ~ 6000
Sub-spindle bore mm 56
Max. speed of sub-spindle  rpm 15 ~ 6000
X / Z / Y-axis rapid traverse m/min 18
Cross drilling speed of main spindle rpm 4000
Face drilling speed of sub-spindle rpm 3000
Main spindle motor kw 7.5(15)
Sub-spindle motor kw 7.5
X1/Z1 motor kw 1.6
Y1 motor kw 1.4
Cross drilling motor of main spindle kw 1.6
Face drilling motor of sub-spindle kw 1.6
X2/Z2 motor kw 1.4
Y2 motor kw 1.4
Hydraulic motor kw 0.75
Coolant pump motor kw 2.3x2pcs
Power requirement kw 40
Lubrication capacity L 2
Coolant tank capacity L 480
Machine dimensions mm 3380 x 2455 x 2155
Weight kg 7500

Standard Accessories

● Main system
  –Main spindle Cs axis

  –External tool holder (6-tool)

  –Internal tool holder (5-tool)

  –Cross drilling tool holder (4-tool)

● Sub system
  –Sub spindle 5° multiple orientation

  –External tool holder (4-tool)

  –Intermal tool holder (3-tool)

  –Aside cross drilling tool holder (4-tool)

● Parts catcher
● Tool and tool box
● Lighting device
● Coolant device
● Coolant inspection
● Cut-off inspection
● Non guide bush holder
● Main/Sub spindle hydraulic cylinder
● Central lubrication unit
● Operation manual
● Collet chuck

Optional Accessories

● Simultaneously rotary guide bushing holder
● End-face eccentric rotary tool holder of main spindle (3 position)
● End-face eccentric rotary tool holder of sub-spindle (4 position)
● ◎*Sub-spindle aside rotary tool holder (4 position)
● Sub-spindle aside center cooling device for mark ◎ (1 position)
● Spindle cooling system
● Cutting oil cooler
● Chip conveyor and cart
● Oil mist collector
● Voltage stabilizer
● Transformer
● Hydraulic bar feeder
● CE certification

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